Welcome to our website! If you want to use our stimuli in your research, please cite our papers: Akinina, Y., Malyutina, S., Ivanova, M., Iskra, E., Mannova, E., & Dragoy, O. (2015). Russian normative data for 375 action pictures and verbs. Behavior Research Methods, 47(3), 691–707. doi:10.3758/s13428-014-0492-9; – for “Verb and Action”;
Akinina, Yu., Iskra, E., Ivanova, M., Grabovskaya, M., Isaev, D., Korkina, I., Malyutina, S., Sergeeva, N. (2014). Biblioteka stimulov «Sushhestvitel’noe i ob”ekt»: normirovanie psiholingvisticheskih parametrov [Stimulus database ‘Noun and object’: normative data collection for psycholinguistic variables]. In A. Kibrik et al. (Eds.), Sixth International Conference on Cognitive Science: Abstracts. Kaliningrad, June 23-27 2014. Issue 6 (pp.112-114).
Akinina, Yu., Grabovskaya, M., Vechkaeva, A., Ignatyev, G., Isaev, D., & Khanova, A. (2016). Biblioteka psiholingvisticheskih stimulov: novye dannye dlja russkogo i tatarskogo jazyka [Psycholinguistic stimulus database: new data for Russian and Tatar]. In Y. Alexandrov & K. Anokhin (Eds.), Seventh International Conference on Cognitive Science: Abstracts. Svetlogorsk, June 20-24 2016. (pp. 93-95). Institut Psikhologii RAN. – for “Noun and object”.